‘On Sunday 3rd March 2013 at 2:00pm, in association with the UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges, Yasmin Arshad and Emma Whipday will be presenting an early Jacobean style production of Samuel Daniel’s closet drama, The Tragedie of Cleopatra at the Great Hall at Goodenough College located at 23 Mecklenburgh Square, London Borough of Camden, WC1N 2AD, United Kingdom.

Ticket price includes afternoon tea.

Samuel Daniel’s Cleopatra is significant as the first original dramatisation in English of the Antony and Cleopatra story, and as such, it forms an important part of our literary heritage. It is unexpected for those who come to it for the first time: this is not a play about the sweet, sultry seductress that we have come to expect in representations of the Egyptian Queen. Instead, Daniel’s tragedy focuses on the final hours of Cleopatra’s life, showing a great queen struggling to negotiate some form of mercy for her children, knowing that she has no option but to commit suicide or be led as a trophy in Caesar’s triumph.’

Details: http://thetragedieofcleopatra.eventbrite.co.uk/


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