A day of talks and creative practice inspired by the landscape of Lincolnshire will take place on Tuesday 16th April 2013 (10-3pm) at the University of Nottingham.  Speakers will include performance artist Mike Pearson (University of Aberystwyth), visual artist Simon Read (Middlesex University), author Jon McGregor (University of Nottingham), and cultural geographer Sophie Hollinshead (University of Nottingham). The day will conclude with a reception to mark the official ‘launch’ of Simon Read’s artwork A Map of Alkborough Flats and the Humber Estuary to explore the processes impacting upon the decision to establish a Managed Realignment Site (2012) which has recently been installed in the School of Geography. The event is part of the AHRC Landscape and Environment Programme’s Impact Fellowship and is linked to the Landscape, Space, Place Research Group and the Centre of Advanced Studies at the University of Nottingham. Please note the date and forward this notice to other who might be interested. A full programme and information on how to register for the event will be circulated soon.

For more information please email lucy.veale@nottingham.ac.uk


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