We’ve now got over 230 followers via Twitter and email, have had over 1000 site views, and a growing number of leading academics added to the Members list, all in our first month!

A big thanks to all who have signed up so far and everyone who has filtered information to us for our News posts.  What an exciting and vibrant field we work in!

The interest in the website and the diversity of disciplines now involved promises much for the future, and has already linked scholars with similar research interests.  But we need to keep the momentum going, so spread the word and keep us informed of all your early drama and performance news, whether that’s an upcoming conference that you’re attending, a new project that you’ve just got funding for, a new publication in the field or an upcoming performance.  We’re also looking to build our Funding and Links pages, so do let us know if you come across anything that you think should be included.

Once again, thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for the Network.  We look forward to hearing more about your research and performances, and another fantastic month.

With best wishes,

Early English Drama and Performance


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