Auditor info_Reanimating Playbooks

Reanimating Playbooks: Editing for Performance, Performance for Editing

“A one-day symposium to engage in the conversation between performance and text. We wish to provide a space to explore editorial practices on both sides of publication (from preparation to practice) and to explore how we use, compose, and conceptualise critical editions of Renaissance plays. The day will include a plenary panel of editors and theatre practitioners and two practical workshops.

Speakers are invited to submit proposals for 10 minute ‘provocations’ in which a question may be posed, a sticky editorial decision worked through, a long-standing practice interrogated, a new methodology explored, or something else entirely queried, crowd-sourced, considered, contested or created. Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • new solutions to old editorial cruxes
  • problems or triumphs in your own editorial projects
  • experiments with stage directions, punctuation, formatting, annotations
  • desired aims of individual editions, or proposals for a new series style
  • directors/dramaturgs as editors, and vice versa
  • favorite editors of days past
  • the pedagogy of critical editions

We also welcome proposals for 15-20 minute papers or workshops.”

Further details here


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