“In June 2013 John Marston’s The Dutch Courtesan will be staged at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York. This is the latest in a continuing series of productions of plays from the early modern repertoire there.


The University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television is committed to combining traditional analytical and historical approaches to the study of theatre with performance experiment and exploration in specially designed, and handsomely equipped, theatre spaces. This means that each of its early modern productions rests on detailed investigation of, for example, the play’s textual history, the performance circumstances which shaped it, and to which it responded, and the competing interpretations of it bequeathed to by critical tradition and by its various reappearances on stage across the intervening centuries (including, often, in adapted forms

It is not, however, our aim to mount “original practices” productions. Instead, our ambition is to produce contemporary stagings of early modern masterpieces, which build as thoroughly as possible upon all the knowledge we can accumulate and absorb about their original crafting and cultural resonances, but create from that informedness a new event which communicates as directly as we can achieve to an early twenty-first century audience.”

More info on the project and how to book tickets


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