The Department of Theatre, Film and Television [University of York] is pleased to announce the launch of The Dutch Courtesan project website, now live at

On 20th-22nd June 2013 John Marston’s The Dutch Courtesan will be staged on the Department’s scenic theatre. This is the latest in a continuing series of productions of plays from the early modern repertoire. This website has been created both to track the Marston production as it develops from pre-rehearsal preparation to public performance, and to host a conversation about the play between an international team of scholars.

The website brings together a growing collection of scholarly essays tackling this rarely-performed play, and a host of resources concerning both The Dutch Courtesan and the wider early modern repertoire. These continue to be collated by the staff and students of the Department and include photo galleries, stage histories, blogs and rehearsal reports, and interviews. Amongst these you will be able to find interviews with Oliver Ford Davies, discussing the challenges posed when Performing Jacobean verse, as well as the full film of Michael Cordner’s 2011 production of Thomas Middleton’s A Mad World, My Masters.

We hope that the site will provide colleagues and students with a valuable and growing resource. We also hope that it will provoke and host further discussion and exploration of The Dutch Courtesan and the wider repertoire.

To that end we welcome any feedback about the site, either via the link or by emailing Ollie Jones at . We are also interested in receiving and publishing responses to any of our published essays, as well as proposals for further pieces to add to the collection.

For any information about the project or the performances themselves, please contact Ollie Jones. Details on how to book for the performances and accompanying events can be found by following the link.”


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