17-18 January 2014, Queen’s University, Belfast

“The School of English at Queen’s University warmly invites early modern academics and PhD graduates of all levels to submit abstracts, of no more than 200 words, and which engage with the theme of ‘Time and Space in Early Modern Literature and Culture’, for a two-day conference on the 17th and 18th of January, 2014.  Plenary speakers include Professor Lena Cowen Orlin of Georgetown University, Professor Daniel Carey of the National University of Ireland, and Dr Karen Smyth of the University of East Anglia.

The relations between time and space as modes of critical inquiry have attracted increased attention in early modern studies in recent years. In a society accustomed to allegory and symbol, the spatial and the temporal were continually and deliberately re-imagined and ‘re-presented’ across a spectrum of performative, artistic, and textual medias. Central to the burgeoning self-consciousness which characterised such productions, time and space were essential instruments with which actors, artists, and writers navigated and engaged with the complexities of a rapidly expanding world: advancements in architecture, the evolution of a temporal economy, and the discovery of new worlds are but a few examples of events and cultural movements in which space and time played integral roles. Time and Space in Early Modern Literature and Culture, 1500-1700 promotes a new reading of the importance of time and space within a range of disciplines in early modern criticism, and seeks to establish a forum in which the cultural, political, and religious implications of shifting paradigms can be explored. Potential topics which speakers are encouraged, but by no means limited, to address are:

Constructions of time in early modern spaces (mercantile, ecclesiastical, theatrical, literary, etc.)

  • The commodification of time
  • Negotiating time in public and private spaces
  • Shifting ideologies of space and time
  • Moving towards modernity: early modern and modern conceptions of time and space
  • Gendered time and gendered spaces
  • Memory, time and space
  • Time and power
  • ‘Space’ versus ‘place’
  • Time and space in Renaissance art
  • Staging time
  • The relationship between space and text
  • ‘Foreign’ time and ‘foreign’ spaces
  • Negotiating time and space on film
  • ‘Re-presenting’ space and time
  • Constructing history through temporal and spatial paradigms

The deadline for submission of abstracts (200 words maximum for 20 minute presentations) is 31st July, 2013. Submissions for panels are also invited. A small conference fee of £30 is requested, which covers lunch and refreshments for both days. Some funding for PG bursaries will be available.

Please email submissions to: timeandspace@qub.ac.uk

Please direct all queries to: Denise Kelly at dkelly49@qub.ac.uk; Paul Mulgrew at pmulgrew01@qub.ac.uk”


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