“The season consists of three plays published in the 1600’s, and will be performed at St Giles-in-the-Fields Church; burial site of the playwrights.

Two of the plays, it seems, remain unperformed in their own time or any other, and as such this season will be the world premiere for both.

The three plays share the same cast and will be performed in repertory over four months (Friday the 13th September to Friday the 13th December), before being produced as audioplays.  The rehearsal and production process is being documented by the company of actors working on the season, as is audience response, and the production scripts (with rehearsal notes) will be published by the company.

I have attached a flyer and press release, and these and further details can be found at the regularly updated Season website:

We are keen to build a relationship with academics, and are offering a number of complimentary tickets to each production.  In order to request tickets, or for any other queries, please contact Brice Stratford (Artistic Director) at bricestratford@live.co.uk or 07891 630016.

The season consists of the following:

Bussy D’Ambois, by George Chapman (1607)

The Unfortunate Mother, by Thomas Nabbes (1640)

Honoria and Mammon, by James Shirley (1659)”

FLYER Cannibal Valour

Owle Schreame Press Release


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