Brought Forth by the York Guilds and Companies, 13th-20th July 2014

“York Festival Trust and York’s Guilds and Companies will again be the driving force behind a new production of the city’s internationally renowned medieval Plays on 13th and 20th July 2014. We provide a present day link to the medieval origins of these Plays, and the 2014 production will again fill the city streets with drama and spectacle offering a truly unique experience for visitor and local alike.

Staged on pageant waggons, this city wide event will see 12 plays performed at 4 locations and involves around 600 local volunteers in its production.

Since 1998 our quadrennial productions have allowed local people to become engaged with their history to create performances which have met with popular, critical and academic acclaim. Be part of this in 2014 – join our mailing list to keep in touch or get involved.”

More information and website here.