Medieval London and the World

1st-4th May 2015


Topics may include:

  • Politics & Diplomacy between London and Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Americas
  • International Trade Networks
  • Travel and Pilgrimage to/from London
  • Cultural Interactions
  • Textual Culture & Literature
  • Playwrights and Theatre
  • Medieval Urban Life, Space and Place
  • London & the Papacy
  • Mapping & Geography

Contributions involving artwork, manuscripts, and any form of material culture held in the London collections are also sought after as the conference will include visits to London museums, libraries, and historic sites. Funding will be available for speakers. A volume with conference proceedings is anticipated.

Please send outlines, proposals, and expressions of interest by 1 May 2014

More information to follow soon. Please contact us with any further questions.”

A further note from the organisers: “We are looking for contributions from all areas of medieval studies but it would be especially wonderful if anyone is interested in presenting a session, workshop, or paper on medieval drama/performance.”

Visit the London Medieval Society here CFP Medieval London and the World Conference 2015



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