There are three vacancies for contributors to write entries on the scholarship on Renaissance drama in The Year’s Work in English Studies:

i) Shakespeare’s comedies;

ii) Editions of Renaissance plays (excluding Shakespeare);

iii) Criticism on Renaissance drama (excluding Shakespeare, Marlowe and Jonson).

Contributors write a narrative bibliography that records and evaluates the scholarly and critical work in their particular field which a) was published in the calendar year under discussion and b) they think was important. Entries typically run to about 6,000 words, although it’s not about word limits so much as the contributor’s own sense of what is required.  Contributors are able to order review copies of more or less any book which falls within their purview, and it is an excellent way to be on top of the literature in the field.

YWES is organized by the English Association and published by Oxford University Press.

Expressions of interest together with short academic biographies should be sent to:

 Dr Richard Wood (Sheffield Hallam University)

Associate Editor of The Year’s Work in English Studies



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