Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society, Leeds IMC 2015

We are seeking proposals for 15 to 20-minute papers covering any aspect of the “comedic tradition,” to whatever extent it can be called that, as it existed in continental Europe during the later Middle Ages and early Renaissance.  Potential themes and topics may include: farce and physical comedy; parody, satire, and social commentary; comedic elements of serious drama and comic relief; comedic character archetypes; complication of genre and style; interactions between “highbrow” and “lowbrow” comedic works; masking, costume, and makeup; the grotesque; and the shaping of comedic conventions by modes and venues of performance.  Papers which cover cultural exchange across the continent or with Britain, or which fit with the Leeds conference theme of “Reform and Renewal,” are particularly of interest.

Please send a 150 to 200-word abstract to Mandy Lowell at by September 1, 2014.

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