The Early Drama, Art and Music (EDAM) series has an established reputation for publishing specialized high-quality scholarship, and a base in the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. While retaining those credentials, the series is now being revised in line with Medieval Institute Publications’s aspiration to produce titles in Medieval Studies that are edgy, slightly irreverent, and provocative. Hence the new EDAM will interpret its core business in drama, art, and music in permissive ways that reflect current critical trends. EDAM’s Editorial Board is confident that this new direction will attract contributions from new as well as established scholars. It hopes to attract proposals from among those with an interest in, for example, performativity, rituals, somatic reception, and medievalism, as well as in fresh departures in the study of plays, visual and plastic arts, and music. The time is also ripe to aim for a more global reach, and certainly to expand the conventional “Western” base into explorations of a wider range of traditions from medieval Europe and beyond.

Commissioning Editor Pamela King (Professor of Medieval Studies, University of Glasgow); email

Please see the attached leaflet for further information.  EDAM series leaflet



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