First performed at this year’s VAULT Festival, ‘Marge & Jules’ is coming to Playbox Theatre, Warwick, on Saturday 5th December, for two shows only: 4pm and 7pm. Tickets £7 (£5 members). Written & performed by Sarah Anson & Mairin O’Hagan.

‘All will be well. All manner of things will be well.’

The first autobiography in the English language was written by mother of fourteen, Margery, who couldn’t read. Dame Julian, the renowned lady hermit from Norwich, penned writings on mysticism and mercy that have dazzled spiritualists for centuries. Both women went their own way. Both of them loved Jesus, from the depths of their soul, to the tinglings of their bodies. Both of them cried, one hell of a lot.

In the stony seclusion of a bachelorette’s hermitage, ‘Marge and Jules’ resurrects the historic moment where Margery met Julian. Come and listen in on the night when two go-it-alone mystics get together for a girls’ night in and a really good chat. As spiritual enlightenment meets the darker stories of life in the middle ages, these remarkable women confess all, talking faith, life, after-life, semantics, erotics, and the man they love.


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