Somerville College, Oxford, 24-25 June 2016

Old Norse Poetry in Performance will be an interdisciplinary conference which aims to bring together literary scholars, actors and dramaturgs to explore the dramatic potential in the Old Norse-Icelandic poetic corpus. The conference will stretch across two days, focussing on an array of themes pertaining to both eddic and skaldic poetry. Each day will fall into three parts with a morning of performances by actors and dramaturgs seeking to put recent work on these texts into practice on a stage. Chief among these performances will be the musical renderings of eddic material by Sequentia as well as a poetry reading of translations based on skaldic verse by Andrew Smardon. Afternoons will be taken up with two sessions of papers presented by those engaged in research work on the dramatic mechanics and possibilities of these texts. Buffet lunches will be provided and there will be optional evening meals for attendees to subscribe to at local restaurants. Guests will, in adition, be welcome to join us as we head back to the conference venue after dinner on the first night to hear Einar Selvik from Warduna perform poetic material from the Edda.

The conference will operate as a focus for dramaturgs and academics to experience one another’s approach to a notoriously resistant and fragmentary literature, both in order to aid the construction of a historical understanding of Old Norse poems as performance texts and to establish a practical research platform that is at once experimental and scholarly. The conference will be open to research students, musicians and theatre practitioners, all of whom will offer a pertinent and illuminating perspective on these texts.

Click here for more information and how to register.


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