You are warmly invited to the Department of Theatre, Film and Television’s staff-directed, summer production of:

Hyde Park by James Shirley

Directed by Prof. Mike Cordner

Designed by Rob del Pino

9th, 10th, 11th June 2016. 7:30pm, Scenic Stage Theatre, Department of Theatre, Film and Television,University of York.

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW – £7.50 student, £12 concession, £15 full – book now via


“A hundred suitors cannot be half the trouble of a husband!”

It’s festival time in Hyde Park – a place for amorous intrigue, unexpected encounters, and transformations of fortune.  Three women, setting their own rules, make life-defining choices – and teach the men who pursue them a lesson in the process.  Is razor-sharp wit a true defence against love?

This production transports James Shirley’s brilliantly funny 1632 comedy to vibrant modern London, where, during one momentous day in Hyde Park, the characters’ live will change forever.

Shirley writes with dazzling comic originality about the war between the sexes, in a play where Hollywood screwball comedy meets Much Ado About Nothing.

We promise you a ringside seat, as three pairs of would-be lovers use every weapon in their armoury to achieve their desire. Join us, and see which of them emerges victorious.