Abrahams and Isaacs

University of Sheffield, 3rd November 2016 Have you ever wondered why Abraham accepted God’s command to sacrifice his son? Have you ever stopped to think what the experience would have been like for Isaac? What would Sarah have made of it all? Why would God make such a command? This event presents a unique opportunity … Continue reading Abrahams and Isaacs


Grobiana’s Nuptials by Charles May

Edward's Boys (in collaboration with EDOX) are proud to announce their forthcoming production of Charles May's Grobiana's Nuptials. First staged at St. John’s College in January 1637, and written by a then Oxford undergraduate, Grobiana's Nuptials mixes lavatorial humour with clever references to professional theatre and popular literature of the time. There will be just … Continue reading Grobiana’s Nuptials by Charles May