A selection of panels, papers, roundtables and events for early drama researchers heading to the 2017 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo.  Apologies if I have missed any!

If you are attending Kalamazoo and would like to submit a write-up of the event to be posted on our blog, including performance reviews, please get in touch: earlydramanetwork@gmail.com.

Thursday, May 11th

Session 21: Liturgical Drama and Representational Liturgy (panel session)

Session 35: Susan Nakley, ‘Race and Conversion in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament,’ (paper)

Session 86: In Honour of Richard K. Emmerson: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Medieval Literature, Drama and Art I (panel session)

Session 114: Stages of Power: Shakespeare and Marlowe, 1592: A Reacting to the Past Game and Teaching Workshop

Session 125: Soundscapes in Medieval Occitania (panel session)

Session 133: In Honour of Richard K. Emmerson: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Medieval Literature, Drama and Art II (roundtable)

Session 143: Medieval Poetry Readings (performance event)

Session 150: Performance in and of Courtly Literature (panel session)

Session 156: Gawain at Play: Ambiguous Reading and Performance in the Pearl Manuscript (roundtable)

Session 157: Performing Medievalisms (roundtable)

Evening Events:

  • A triple bill of performances, featuring a Tolkien fairy tale staged in a medieval style (Leaf-by-Niggle), a florilegium of fakery from the Harlotry Players, and a filthy French farce, courtesy of Radford’s ensemble and translator Jody Enders.

Friday 12th May

Session 173: The Second Shepherds’ Play: An Adaptation (film screening)

Session 195: Staging the Undead (panel session)

Session 232: Catastrophe and Periodization (roundtable)

Session 253: New Voices in Early Drama Studies (panel session)

Session 300: Medieval Song (panel session)

Session 312: New Approaches to Drama Records: East Anglian Play Texts and Nearby Archives (panel session)

Session 318: Nathan Kelber, ‘Medieval Play Studies: Early Drama, Ludi and Games’ (paper)

Session 337:

  • Alexis M. Milmine, ‘Sympathetic Satan Before Milton Remix: The Characterization of Satan and the Harrowing of Hell in Christ and Satan and York Corpus Christi Plays’ (paper);
  • Laura Elizabeth Rice, ‘Upon the Wicked Stage: The Devil in English Drama From the Medieval Period to Modernity’ (paper)

Evening Events:

  • Performing Malory: Palomydes the SarasynA readers’ theater performance with Kara Larson Maloney, Binghamton Univ.; Carolyn F. Scott, National Cheng Kung Univ.; Kimberly Jack, Athens State Univ.; Patricia V. Lehman, Siena Heights Univ.; John Lowell Leland, Salem International Univ.; Bernard Lewis, Murray State Univ.; Derek Shank, Independent Scholar; Paul R. Thomas, Brigham Young Univ.; Kyle Huskin, Univ. of Rochester; Rebecca D. Fox, Western Michigan Univ.; Anna E. Goodling, Independent Scholar; Emily Lowman, Univ. of Rochester; Marjorie Harrington, Univ. of Notre Dame.
  • Esmoreit & Lippijn. In new translations by Mandy L. Albert, and directed by Festival founder Lofty Durham, this double bill features a contemporary reimagining of a pair of plays from the fifteenth-century Middle Dutch Van Hulthem manuscript. In Esmoreit, an evil villain and a dreadful prophecy lead to a baby’s kidnap and a happy ending…in Lippijn, someone gets a happy ending, but it’s not the husband…

Saturday 13th May

Session 360: Medieval Drama: Beyond Genres: Alan Knight in Memoriam (panel session)

Session 395: Performances of Marie de France: Yonec (performance event)

Session 411: Records of Early English Drama, North-East (panel session)

Session 426: Jennie Friedrich, ‘The Cant/Can’t of Simulated Pilgrimage: Bodily Damage, Separation and Weakness in the York Plays (paper)

Session 429: Jewish Identity in Medieval Passion Plays (panel session)

Session 463: Memories of Medieval Drama in Shakespeare’s Plays (panel session)

Session 465: Latinitas Viva II: Ars Docendi Viva: Live Teaching Demonstrations of an Alive Medieval Latin (panel session)

Evening Events:

  • Floris and Blancheflour (Pneuma Ensemble) and Dulcitius, or Sex in the Kitchen, (Poculi Ludique Societas (PLS)). It’s “Toronto night” at the festival! Toronto’s Pneuma Ensemble shares a period musical presentation of the first extant romance in English, before the venerable PLS performs Colleen Butler’s new translation of Hrosvit’s tenth-century tragicomedy about the Roman emperor lured into carnal embrace with cookware.


Sunday 14th May

Session 520: Mark Burde, ‘Murderous Brigands and Cannibal Jokes: Swearing and Equivocal Oaths in the Second Shepherds’ Play (paper)


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