The Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) research group at Newcastle University ( invites expressions of interest from eligible researchers seeking to apply to the Individual Fellowships scheme of the Marie Skłodowska -Curie Actions for a European fellowship. These fellowships last 12-24 months and have a research project as their focus, with a strong element of advanced training both in the research area and in transferable skills

Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Newcastle is an interdisciplinary research group. Its members work between the early medieval to the early modern periods, and belong to the disciplines of Literature, Archaeology, History, Classics and Music. Recent projects which exemplify the group’s strengths include the Tudor Partbooks Project (; The Thomas Nashe Project ( and Cultural Heritage through Time (

Past Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship projects include RESTOMO and RES.CO.PART ( Our most recent Fellowship award (beginning September 2017), entitled ‘Sacred Landscapes in Late Byzantium’.

We warmly encourage applications from outstanding scholars eager to work in an interdisciplinary environment for the Individual Fellowship Scheme. Applicants must have a track record – appropriate to career stage – of peer-reviewed publication(s) in internationally recognised outlets.

We specifically welcome applications in three key areas:

Scholarly Editing: MEMS has wide-ranging and world-leading expertise in editing early modern prose, poetry, drama and music. We invite candidates who are developing or conducting scholarly editing projects in medieval or early modern texts (up to c. 1800). Projects that enhance our existing expertise in digital applications and methodologies are of particular interest.

Landscapes:  MEMS has significant strengths in the investigation of landscapes as historic, acoustic, ceremonial, social and architectural space. We invite candidates wishing to pursue projects involving one or more of the following: the investigation and analysis of historic landscapes; the development of digital tools (which facilitate scholarly investigation of and public engagement with historic landscapes and buildings); multidisciplinary approaches to understanding historic landscapes; or landscape-based approaches to medieval and early modern cultural heritage.

Voices and Books: MEMS is home to cutting-edge research in literature and music dedicated to exploring the life of text off the page. We invite candidates who are developing or conducting research projects that seek to expand the evidence base of the material history of reading, to explore the sound worlds of early modern books, or the implications of recovering ‘voice’ for the development of literary studies/musicology today.

More information here.


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