Call for Papers
International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2018
Leeds, England

“New Voices in Early Drama Studies” (Paper Panel)

The Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) would like to continue the success we had with our “New Voices” panel at the 2017 IMC at Kalamazoo by offering it in Leeds in 2018. For the 2018 Leeds iteration, the MRDS invites all scholars new to early drama studies, especially graduate students and recent PhDs (within four years from the degree), to submit their work to the “New Voices” panel, which will consist of three twenty-minute papers. The MRDS would like to showcase the work of scholars new to the field and to provide an opportunity for experienced scholars to support and respond to their work, to mentor those young in the field and introduce them to established scholars, and to welcome all to early drama studies.

Please submit an abstract of 100 words by 5 September 2017 to Ann Hubert at


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