Stonyhurst CollegeMasque Dance and Music at the Jacobean Court

The 50th Historical Dance and Music Annual Summer School
Sunday 5th to Sunday 12th August, 2018
Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9PZ

This is a very special opportunity to enjoy and understand how a Jacobean masque functions, through a recreation of The Lords’ Masque, written by Thomas Campion for the nuptials of Elizabeth, Princess of England and First Lady of Scotland, the daughter of James I, on 14th February, 1613. The team of tutors has experience and expertise in the recreation of Stuart masques (the English ballet de cour), bringing to life the texts with the dance and music that were the heart of a masque.

short course option from Sunday to Wednesday morning is available, offering an excellent grounding in dance or music, and an introduction to masque elements, concluding with a festive Jacobean revel on Tuesday evening.

The Courses

Delegates choose either the dance or the music route, spending the mornings in technique classes with their chosen tutor.

Afternoon sessions will feature an exciting range of workshops focusing on elements of the masque: music, song, rhetorical gesture and speech; antimasque (dances of character and action), torchbearers’ dances and main masque dances by courtiers. Wednesday afternoon will be free ‒ a chance to explore the beautiful grounds of the venue and the surrounding countryside and villages. Evening talks and activities will deepen understanding of masque performance.

During the first two days, all students will have the chance to explore elements of a Jacobean masque. Rehearsals specifically for The Lords’ Masque will take place during the final four days, culminating in the performance on Saturday night.

Registration, contacts, and further programme information can be found here.


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