Projects and Resources

Adam de la Halle Bibliography

BBC Shakespeare On Tour 2016

The Blood Project: Performance of The Croxton Play of the Sacrament

The Chamber of Demonstrations (Indoor Jacobean Playhouse)

Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

Early Drama at Oxford

Early Modern London Theatres

Folk Play Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland

Folk Play Research Group

The Fortune Theatre Records: Prototype Digital Edition by Records of Early English Drama (REED)

French Medieval Drama Database

From Stage to Page: Medieval and Renaissance Drama

Humanum Genus ( Andrea Young’s medieval drama blog)

John Lyly: Everything you Wanted to Know

Ludus Musicus

Master Mummers – Folk Play Website

The Malone Society

The Map of Early Modern London

The Medieval Academy of America:

Medieval English Urban History

Medieval European Drama in Translation

Medieval Drama Bibliography (Western Michigan University)

Medieval Drama Links (includes links to medieval music, dance, costume, staging, props, modern performance, etc.)

Medieval Latin Drama in English Translation

Medieval Manuscripts on the Web

Medieval Plays in Modern Performance


Middle English Biblical Plays

Miracle Plays and Mystery Plays

The Queen’s Men

Patrons and Performances

Performing Medieval Narrative Today

Performing the Middle Ages

Performing the Queen’s Men

The Plainsong and Medieval Music Society

Records of Early English Drama

Records of Early English Drama: Northeast

Regesta Imperii: Literature Database for the Middle Ages

Religious, artisitic, economic, and political aspects of the York Corpus Christi Plays

Restoration Theatre: Staging, Scenery, Dramaturgy

Shakespearean London Theatres

Staging the Henrician Court

Staging the Renaissance Scottish Court

TEAMS: Middle English Texts Series Texts Online

Textual Sources for Vernacular Theatre in Medieval France

The Towneley Plays Project

Video Clips of Medieval and Tudor Plays

York Mystery Plays: Illumination – from Darkness into Light

The York Corpus Christi Pageant Simulator


Networks, Societies and Journals

Comparative Drama

Early Music

Early Theatre Journal

European Medieval Drama

The Institute for Sacred Architecture

International Mummers Festival

Interpreting Medieval Liturgy

Medieval English Theatre

Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England

Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society

Medieval Song Network

The National Centre for Early Music

Plainsong and Medieval Music



Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama

REED Newsletter

Renaissance Drama

Shakespeare Quarterly

Société Internationale pour l’étude du théâtre médiéval

Theatre History Studies

Tudor Symposium

Theatre Survey


Performance Groups

Before Shakespeare Blog Spot

Bell Shakespeare

The Beverley Passion Plays

Blood and Thunder Theatre Company

The Chester Mystery Plays

City of Lincoln Waits

FRED Theatre Company

HIDden Theatre

Muse of Fire Theatre Company

The Old Globe

Poculi Ludique Societas

Propeller Theatre Company

Shakespeare Institute Players

Smoothed Faced Gentlemen

Thynke Byggly

York Mystery Plays

The York Waits

2 thoughts on “Links”

  1. On your page –

    you have been kind enough to list my site:

    Medieval Drama Links (includes links to medieval music, dance, costume, staging, props, modern performance, etc.)

    Unfortunately, the link is to a bogus site (Collectors Post) I once owned but is now operated from Russia. I would be obliged if you could give the correct link which is –

    Best wishes,

    Sydney Higgins

    • Dear Sydney,

      I’m so sorry about that, I had no idea the site was bogus. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and providing the correct link. Do let me know if there are any further problems with the site or anything else you’d like me to change.

      With very best wishes,
      Clare Wright

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