If you would like to be added to this list, please send your name, position (and institution where relevant), and a short outline of your current project or research interests to earlydramanetwork@gmail.com.


Aebischer, Pascale. Associate Professor of Early Modern Performance Studies, University of Exeter. General Editor, Shakespeare Bulletin. Publications: Shakespeare’s Violated Bodies: Stage and Screen Performance (2004), Jacobean Drama (2010), Performing Early Modern Drama Today (with Kathryn Prince, 2012), Screening Early Modern Drama: Beyond Shakespeare (2013). Research Interests: early modern drama in present-day performance, studying Shakespeare alongside Marlowe, Middleton, Webster, Jonson, Fletcher, Ford, et al. and thinking about the interaction between performance and technologies (from the spaces and lighting arrangements in the SWP to video installations, the digital productions of the RSC, and NTLive’s digital relays).Twitter: @PascaleExeter. Contactp.v.aebischer@exeter.ac.uk

Anderson, Susan.  Senior Lecturer in English, Leeds Trinity University.  Research interests: performance practice (specifically to do with music) in a range of early modern performance genres, particularly Lord Mayors’ Shows; co-editing Heywood’s show texts for the forthcoming collected works; conceptualisations of disability, and aim to bring critical disability theory to bear on early modern texts. Blogdisabilityandtherenaissance Contact: s.anderson@leedstrinity.ac.uk

Black, Daisy.  Doctoral Researcher, University of Manchester.  Current Research: time, gender and antisemitism in the late medieval mystery plays.  I am currently in the final year of my PhD thesis: ‘Strange Times: Domestic Discord and Temporal Conflict in the Late Medieval Mystery Cycles.’  Other Research Interests: medieval plays in modern adaptation and performance; staging conventions; audience reception; the Mumming plays of Cheshire and Lancashire and the history of Morris dance. Contact: deb31@cantab.net

Blanc, Aurélie. Doctoral Researcher, University of Fribourg. Current Research: Medieval Convent Drama: Watching the Barking Abbey Elevatio and Visitatio Sepulchri Ceremonies. Research Interests: Medieval drama, the ties between drama and liturgy, conventual history, drama in performance, audience reactions. Contact:  aurelie.blanc@unifr.ch

Blake, Liza. Assistant Professor of English and Drama, University of Toronto Mississauga; Assistant Professor of the Graduate Department of English, University of Toronto. Research Interests: Medieval and Renaissance literature, including medieval and early modern dramatic literature and theater practices; literature and science; literature and philosophy; philosophies of causality; critical theory. Contact: liza.blake@utoronto.ca

Bloom, Gina. Associate Professor of English, University of California, Davis. Publications:  Voice in Motion: Staging Gender, Shaping Sound in Early Modern England (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007). Research interests: early modern drama, performance studies, theater history, sound, audience, gender (especially masculinity studies), game studies. Current Projects:  book-length study of board games (cards, chess, backgammon) staged in early modern English drama and the significance of game scenes for understanding theatrical spectatorship. Further details and contact

Bloomfield, Eleanor. PhD Candidate, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Current research: My doctoral thesis “York Evolving: Change and Permanence in the York Mystery Play Cycle” examines the modern cultural needs that have looked to revive and sustain the York cycle for current and future generations. Other research interests: medieval liturgy and its interaction with drama; medieval representations of the Passion; sacred spaces in medieval urban centres. Further details and contact.

Brazil, Sarah. Postdoctoral researcher, the University of Geneva. Current project: ‘Sacred Comedy in Early English Drama’ (provisional title), focusing on the confluence of humour amidst the sacred in early plays. Research interests: embodiment; embodied cognition; early drama; performance; history of emotions; humour.  Further details and contact

Brown, Pamela Allen.  Associate Professor, University of Connecticut. Co-organizer, Theater Without Borders, a working group of scholars from Europe, the UK, Canada, the US, and India studying the transnational circulation of early modern theater (actors, plays, texts, theories).  Current Book Projects:  The Renaissance Diva and Shakespearean Drama, a book on the ground-breaking divas of the commedia dell’arte in relation to Shakespearean drama; As You Like It: Texts and Contexts, a translation of Isabella Andreini’s theater writing.  Author of Better a Shrew than a Sheep: Women, Drama, and the Culture of Jest in Early Modern England and co-editor of Women Players in England, 1500-1660: Beyond the All-Male Stage. Contact: pambrown12@gmail.com

Byers, Eamon Kevin. Doctoral researcher, Queen’s University Belfast. Current research: The Medievalism of English Folkmusic. Other research interests: Folk drama, English medieval drama, Cornish medieval drama, modern revivals.  Contact: ebyers01@qub.ac.uk

Butler, Michelle Markey.  Adjunct Faculty, Information School, University of Maryland. Research interests:  audience address in medieval and early modern English drama. Further details and contact

Carson, Rob. Associate Professor of English, Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Current Projects: Every Third Thought: Shakespeare and the Early Modern Play of Ideas, a book that uses Shakespeare to think in threes instead of twos; Shakespeare and the New Elizabethans, a book about Shakespeare in Post-War Britain (or, how the 1950s rewrote the 1590s); and The Shakespeare Commons, a book about early modern collectivity. Contact: carson@hws.edu

Corrigan, Brian Jay.  Senior Professor in Renaissance Literature, University of North Georgia.  Current research: General Editor, The Compendium of Renaissance Drama (a 6 million word interactive database containing 4 dictionaries including a full character prosopography and topographical dictionary of every extant play to be performed in English on the English stage between 1485 and 1640; compiled by 93 scholars from around the world over the past 23 years and still a work in progress).

Crowther, Stefania.  Doctoral researcher, Centre for Renaissance Studies, University of Warwick.  Current research:  Restoration productions if the plays of James Shirley. Teaching: I teach seventeenth century drama at Warwick, and contextual studies at East 15 school of acting.  Contact: S.m.crowther@warwick.ac.uk

Davies, Callan. Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Roehampton. Current research: Research fellow on the Before Shakespeare project; moral images in early modern tragedy; practical use of moral images; stage mechanics; rhetorical invention; popular ethical thought in early modern England; optics.  Twitter: @callanjd Further details and contact

Davis, Matthew. Doctoral researcher, English, Texas A&M University.  Research interests: staging of medieval drama; cultural transmission through translation and reception; book history; material and digital curation as means of preserving both material object and connections between object, content contained by object, and cultural milieu.  Current project: relationships between medieval architecture, textual presentation, and performance.

Dunne, Derek. Postdoctoral Researcher, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland. Research Interests: He is the author of Shakespeare, Revenge Tragedy & Early Modern Law: Vindictive Justice (Palgrave, 2016). His interests span early modern legal culture, Shakespeare’s contemporaries in performance, and Global Shakespeare. He has taught at Shakespeare’s Globe London, Trinity College Dublin, and Queen’s University Belfast. Tweets at @DerekVindice, @RoguesLicence & @ShakesinIreland. Email: dunnede@gmail.com

Dutton, Elisabeth. Professor of Medieval English, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland.  Research interests: medieval theatre in performance; filming plays; stage directions in Early English drama; Early English Drama and Pedagogy; Early English Drama at Oxford and Medieval Convent DramaContact: elisabeth.dutton@unifr.ch

Egan, Clare. Lecturer in Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Lancaster University. Current Research: the performance of communal conflict in early modern England; the offence of libel and its performance in provincial communities; early drama; public ceremonies; spectatorship; space and place; digital mapping of performance networks. Contact: c.egan2@lancaster.ac.uk

Estill, Laura.  Associate Professor of English, Texas A&M University.  Research Interests: early modern English drama in manuscript; digital humanities; the World Shakespeare BibliographyTwitter: @Laura_Estil Further details and contact

Finlayson, J. Caitlin. Associate Professor of English, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Current Research: English pageantry, particularly London Lord Mayor’s Shows; editor of a forthcoming edition of Lord Mayor’s Shows by Thomas Nelson, John Squire and John Taylor. Other Research Interests: adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays on stage, in comic books, and in popular culture. Contact: cfinlay@umd.umich.edu

Gayk, Shannon. Associate Professor of English, Indiana University, Bloomington. Current Research: I am completing a monograph that examines the arma Christi in a range of sacred performances in Early England – from Latin liturgy, to Corpus Christi Plays, to Protestant lyrics and hymns.  For other work click hereResearch interests: liturgy, late medieval sacred performances, Early English drama and material culture. Blog (moderator): Early English Performances Contact: sgayk@indiana.edu

Geddes, Louise. Assistant Professor of English, Adelphi University, New York.  Current research: a stage history of Pyramus and Thisbe, which encompasses Shakespeare (obviously) and the other adaptations of the myth, from Ovid to the twenty-first century.  Contactlgeddes@adelphi.edu

Haahr Refskou, Anne Sophie. Doctoral researcher, University of Aarhus, Denmark. Current Research: Shakespeare and the relationship between the early modern dramatic text and the actor’s body. I am particularly interested in definitions of the actor’s ‘presence’ and how this theatrical effect is created and perceived on the Shakespearean stage and I work primarily within the context of historical phenomenology. Other Research Interests: Gestures and body language on the Shakespearean stage, inter-cultural Shakespeare adaptation and Shakespeare in translation. Contactengashr@hum.au.dk

Haddad, Tamara.  Doctoral Candidate, University of Kent.  Current research: audience reception and site-specific performance c.1350 – 1600; space and place; topography; dramatic reconstruction; staging; lay devotion. Practice as research: Staging the Play of Adam Contact: t.n.haddad@outlook.com Twitter: @tnhaddad

Hansen, Adam.  Senior Lecturer in English, Northumbria University.  Research Interests: Shakespeare and Marlowe, and the literatures of London 1576-1625. Author of Shakespeare and Popular Music (listen to lecture here). Twitter: @Litpop1

Happé, Peter.  Visiting Fellow, Department of English, University of Southampton. Current research Interests: Concepts of space in early cycle plays, and on dramatic styles in biblical plays and in David Lindsay’s Satire. I am also involved in editing plays by John Bale and James Shirley. Contact: ph7@soton.ac.uk

Hearn, Karen.  Honorary Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, UCL.  Research: British art and the artistic links between The Netherlands and Britain c.1500-c.1710; approach sets the art of the Early Modern period in a broader cultural context; curator Dynasties: Painting in Tudor & Jacobean England 1530-1630; Van Dyck & Britain (2009) and Rubens & Britain (2011-12) exhibitions at the Tate (with accompanying books); contributor V&A exhibition Tudors, Stuarts & Russian Tsars. Current project: a show about the West Country in the Elizabethan age, opening in Exeter October 2013; and a Cornelius Johnson display for London in 2014.  Publications: including Nicholas Hilliard (London, 2005); Lady Anne Clifford: Culture, Patronage & Gender in 17th Century Britain (Leeds, 2009).  ContactKaren.hearn77@yahoo.com

Henke, Robert.  Professor of Drama and Comparative Literature, Washington University.  Current project/Research Interests: I am completing a book entitled Poverty and Charity in Early Modern Theater and Performance, and interested in transnational approaches to early modern theater.  Contactrhenke@artsci.wustl.edu

Hill, Tracey.  Head of Department of English & Cultural Studies, Bath Spa University. Research interests: The culture and history of early modern London, especially civic pageantry, and the work of Anthony Munday, Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker, in particular, and also John Taylor. Current work: Urban spectatorship outside of the professional stage. Also interested in a multiplicity of performance spaces from fairs and markets, sermons, weddings and funerals, and executions, to people travelling in coaches. Publications: Anthony Munday and Civic Culture (Manchester University Press 2004); Pageantry and Power: a cultural history of the early modern Lord Mayor’s Show (Manchester University Press 2010), which won the Bevington Prize in 2011. Contact: t.hill@bathspa.ac.uk   Twitter:@tracelarkhall

Jones, Ollie.  Postdoctoral Fellow in Theatre, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York. Research interests: Touring provincial theatre; the archaeology and history of provincial venue spaces; the material culture of early modern drama; rehearsal and performance approaches, both modern and ‘original practice’; Jacobean indoor theatres and the Sam Wannamaker Theatre at the Globe.  Current work: The Dutch Courtesan project – administrator and research assistant. Preparing notes and commentary for Queen’s Men Editions’ The Troublesome Reign of King John.  Recent Research: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Shakespeare’s Globe, working on the Sam Wannamaker Indoor Jacobean Theatre. Contact: oliver.jones@york.ac.uk   Twitter:@oelj and @DutchCourtesan

Joubin, Alexa Alice.  Professor of English and founding co-director of the Institute of Digital Humanities, George Washington University, USA; Research Affiliate in Literature and co-founder of Global Shakespeares, an open-access performance video archive, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; John M. Kirk, Jr. Chair in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English. Co-general editor, The Shakespearean International Yearbookeditor, Palgrave Macmillan’s book series “Global Shakespeares.” Research Interests: Shakespeare, race and gender, digital humanities, film studies, globalization, Asian-European cultural exchange, early modern and postmodern literary and performance cultures, intercultural theatre. PublicationsRace (Routledge Critical Idiom, forthcoming), Local and Global Myths in Shakespearean Performance (forthcoming), Shakespeare and the Ethics of Appropriation (2014). Contact: ajoubin@gwu.edu Further details

Karim-Cooper, Farah.  Head of Courses and Research, Shakespeare’s Globe; Visiting Research Fellow, London Shakespeare Centre (King’s College London). Currently chairing research committee in the construction of a Jacobean indoor playhouse at the Globe. Research interests: theatre history, material culture, contemporary performance of early modern drama and feminism/gender studies. Contactfarah.k@shakespearesglobe.com  Twitter: @DrFarahKC

Kesson, Andy.  Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton.  Current research: includes Before Shakespeare, a study of early commercial theatres, and Playing the Thing, a collaboration with director and academic Stephen Purcell and his theatre company, the Pantaloons, using practical workshops to consider the theatrical possibilities of text.  Contact: andy.kesson@roehampton.ac.uk. Twitter: @andykesson

Kim, Tai-Won.  Associate Professor of English, Sogang University, Korea.  Research Interests: early modern city comedies from the perspective of cultural geography.  Current Project: paper on  ‘Foreign Tongues on Early Modern English Stage’.  Contact: twkim@sogang.ac.kr

King, Pamela. Professor of Medieval Studies, University of Glasgow (0.2 fractional contract) / private scholar/ consultant. Current interests: numerous, but including 1. Confraternally-organised civic festivals (survivals, revivals and inventions) 2. The senses in medieval performance texts 3. Addressing false convergent paradigms of English “medieval drama” 4. York, Towneley, N-town, Coventry 5. The after-history of medieval drama texts and their early editors, especially Thomas Sharp 6. I am also one third of the consultancy MedFest looking for client cities interested in instigating a sustainable civic festival with a medieval theme as a tool in community cohesion and cultural tourism. I can provide a concept based on the city’s requirements, including customised play texts in modern English, while my partners specialise in business modelling, planning, marketing, and logistics. Further details and contact

Kirwan, Peter.  Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama, University of Nottingham.  Research interests: Authorship and collaboration in early modern drama; anonymous plays and interludes; contemporary performance of early English drama; digital media; early modern drama on film; dramatic canons.  Contact: Peter.Kirwan@nottingham.ac.ukTwitter: @drpetekirwan

Klausner, David. Professor Emeritus, Department of English and Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.  Present research: REED collection for Yorkshire, North Riding; “The Whole Noyse,” a history of civic music and musicians in Britain from the earliest records to 1650; Critical edition of the sixteenth-century Welsh biblical plays (Passion/Nativity). Contact: david.klausner@utoronto.ca

Korda, Natasha.  Professor of English, Wesleyan University (CT, USA). Publications: Shakespeare’s Domestic Economies: Gender and Property in Early Modern England (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002); Labors Lost: Women’s Work and the Early Modern English Stage (U Penn Press, 2011); co-editor Staged Properties in Early Modern English Drama (Cambridge UP, 2002) and Working Subjects in Early Modern English Drama (Ashgate, 2011). Current research: book-length project entitled Sister Arts: Theater and Visual Culture in Early Modern England and on a series of interrelated essays on the material culture of the stage in light of archaeological finds from early theaters.  Contact: nkorda@wesleyan.edu

Krnic, Marija. Doctoral student, University of Warwick. Research Interests: Marija Krnic is an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded PhD student at the Theatre and Performance Studies Department, University of Warwick. Her thesis is entitled ‘Hybridity, Cross-Cultural Transfer, and Performance of National Identity – Saints’ Plays in Croatian Theatre and Culture from the Sixteenth to the Twenty First Century’. She is interested medieval religious theatre and its contemporary re-actualizations and her research explores saints’ plays in eastern Adriatic urban communities, focusing on the cultural and social history of such performances, and the revival of saints’ plays in the context of the late-twentieth-century state-building project in Croatia. Contact: m.krnic@warwick.ac.uk

Lin, Erika. Associate Professor, Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance, The Graduate Center, CUNY. Publications: Shakespeare and the Materiality of Performance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). Research Interests: medieval and early modern drama, theatre history, performance studies, audience, gender and sexuality, space, visuality, folklore. Current Projects: book-length study of seasonal festivities and early modern commercial performance. Further details and contact

Lowe, Eleanor.  Senior Lecturer in Drama, Oxford Brookes University.  Research interests: English drama c. 1550-1650; editing and performance; Shakespeare; Richard Brome; George Chapman; digital technologies; material culture; cleanliness. Further details and contact

Lowell, Mandy. PhD Candidate, Medieval Studies, Cornell University. Research Interests: the Everyman tradition, medieval and early modern English and Dutch drama, mercantilism in literature and performance, England-Lowland cultural exchange, physical comedy and farce, drama in translation. Contact: abl92@cornell.edu

MacLean, Sally-Beth. Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Toronto. Records of Early English Drama General Editor/Director of Research. Research interests: medieval and early modern performance history, patronage, historical geography/mapping, data visualization.  Current projects: co-author with Lawrence Manley, Lord Strange’s Men and their Plays (Yale University Press, 2014); research for the Surrey collection of dramatic records (including Southwark) for the REED series; GIS mapping of Southwark. Ongoing direction of other REED projects: Patrons and Performances; Early Modern London Theatres (south of the Thames); first born-digital REED edition, Staffordshire, edited by Alan Somerset.  Contact: s.maclean@utoronto.ca

McNabb, Cameron Hunt. Assistant Professor of English, Southeastern University. Research Interests: disability studies, medieval and early modern drama in performance, teaching medieval drama, history of the English language, and medieval philosophy and hermeneutics. Twitter: @cameronmcnabb Contact: cameronhuntmcnabb@gmail.com

Mamujee, Shehzana. Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, Newcastle University.  Research interests: early modern drama; currently working on a monograph about the Tudor children’s troupes, entitled ‘The Elizabethan Child Player’. Contact: shehzana.mamujee@newcastle.ac.uk

Maslen, Rob.  Senior Lecturer in English Literature, the University of Glasgow. Research interests: early modern theatre in relation to prose fiction; Shakespeare and the comic; the anti-theatrical prejudice; freedom of speech; the imagination on the early English stage; early modern dramatic theory; pre-Gothic theatre and prose; theatre and reformation.  Contact: Robert.Maslen@glasgow.ac.uk

McCulloch, Lynsey.  Lecturer in English Literature, Coventry University.  Research Interests: English Renaissance drama; literature and art; literature and dance; outdoor learning and ecocriticism. Current Projects: book-length study of animated statuary in early modern drama; edited collection on Shakespeare and dance. Contact: ab3405@coventry.ac.uk.

McGavin, John J.  Emeritus Professor of Medieval Literature and Culture, University of Southampton.  Research Interests: medieval and early-modern drama; records of Early English and Scottish Drama; performance and theatrical behaviour in society (incl. issues associated with performativity); the contribution which study of early performance can make to historiography.  Recent Research: Imagining Spectatorship: From the Mysteries to the Shakespearean Stage (OUP, 2016), co-authored with Greg Walker; PI for the collaborative Early Modern London Theatres project (launched February 2011); Theatricality and Narrative in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland (Ashgate, 2007). Current Projects: the Records of Early Drama: South-East Scotland  volume for the Records of Early English Drama (REED) organisation, with Eila Williamson. Currently Chair of the Executive Board of REED. I also lecture on the above topics to schools as part of the Speakers For Schools project.  Further details and contact here.

McLaughlin, John.  Emeritus Professor of English, Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania. Research Interests and Current Projects: My current research interest is in the on-stage presentation of the Middle English Corpus Christi cycle plays  following VA Kolve’s “game theory,” in his seminal work in this field.   I am also working from the “Approaches to Teaching Medieval English Drama,” edited by Richard Emmerson (MLA 1993) and on the Brechtian “alienation effect” as it pertains to the theatrical presentation of medieval theater (as opposed to “illusionistic realism.)   I am preparing a paper on this topic for presentation at Kalamazoo 2016, and hope that this be in a General Session, if I can make contact with similarly-minded scholar-teachers. Contact: john.mclaughlin4@verizon.net Website: The Digital Folk Life

McLelland, Kaye. Doctoral Researcher, UCL.  Research interests:  early modern sexualities; gender variance; violence; liminality; madness; disability; festive drama.  Current Project: currently writing on violence and liminality in the work of Shakespeare and Spenser.  Also working on forthcoming conference papers and planning a reprise of ‘Queering Shakespeare’ drama workshop to be delivered at BiCon 2013 in Edinburgh.  Contactkayemclelland@gmail.com

Murphy, Paul.  Doctoral researcher, Queen’s University Belfast.  Research interests: gestures and English faith c. 1380-1560; lay devotion and reception; the performing body; liturgy and drama; preaching manuals; visual arts; phenomenology and cognitive theory.  Contact: paul.murphy@qub.ac.uk  Twitter: @paulmurphy57

Oppitz-Trotman, George. Department of British Culture, University of Bamberg. Current research: itinerant English actors working on the continent in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Further details and contact

Pearson, Meg. Associate Professor of English, University of West Georgia. Research interests: Marlowe, Shakespeare; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English drama; early modern performance practices; early modern visual culture. Current project: Monograph arguing that watching early modern theater played a role in forming identities. Contact: megp@westga.edu

Pérez Díez, José A. Doctoral researcher and postgraduate teaching assistant, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.  Research interests: English Renaissance drama in performance; theatre and opera reviewing; bibliography and editorial practice; use of performance in editing; Anglo-Spanish literary relations in the Jacobean period, especially the literary connections of the Count of Gondomar; Spanish Golden Age comedia and its English adaptations; the plays in the Beaumont and Fletcher canon.  Current projects: critical edition of Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid by John Fletcher and Philip Massinger.   Contact: japerezdiez@gmail.com Twitter: @JoseAPerezDiez

Peverley, Sarah. Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool, and Director of The Liverpool University Players (a group of student-actors dedicated to making medieval and Early Drama accessible to the general public). Research interests: Late Medieval English Drama c. 1350-1550; Connections between History, Politics and Literature/Drama; Editing; Medieval Manuscripts and Book History; Medieval Chronicles; and Arthurian Literature.  Contact: S.Peverley@liv.ac.ukTwitter: @Sarah_Peverley.  Personal website: www.sarahpeverley.com

Purcell, Stephen.  Associate Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick.  Research interests: Performance of Shakespeare and contemporaries on stage and screen; theories of audience; space; popular culture; parody; adaptation; comedy; ‘Shakespeare’ as C20th-21st cultural phenomenon.  Further details and contact

Rankin, Deana. Senior Lecturer in English, Royal Holloway, University of London.  Research: editing Burnell’s Landgartha (Dublin 1641); interested in Elizabeth Carey, Katherine Philips, Irish productions etc. Teaching: Renaissance drama and Shakespeare.  Contactdeana.rankin@rhul.ac.uk

Robinson, Olivia. Senior Researcher, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland.
Research interests: Manuscript and print contexts of medieval Biblical drama in England and France; women’s involvement in drama, esp. convent drama; teaching and research through performance. Co-investigator of the Medieval Convent Drama project. Contactolivia.robinson@unifr.ch

Rogers, Liz.  Doctoral Researcher, University of Dundee.  Current Research: Shakespeare’s History plays.  Research Interests: Medieval drama and performance; John Bale; adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays in film and on stage; Shakespeare and pedagogy. Contact: e.r.rogers@dundee.ac.uk  Twitter: @fatboyliz

Rycroft, Eleanor. Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies, Bristol University.  Research Interests: theatre history; late medieval and early Tudor and Stuart drama; performance-as-research; performance practices on the early modern stage; material culture; feminism and gender studies.  Current projects: Staging Sir David Lyndsay’s Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis at Linlithgow Palace and Stirling Castle (AHRC-funded ‘Staging and Representing the Scottish Renaissance Court‘); book-length study of hair on the early modern stage. Contact: e.rycroft@bristol.ac.uk   Twitter: @earlymodernista

Salih, Sarah. Senior Lecturer in English, King’s College London. I am interested in how performance theory might speak to medieval drama and in contemporary performances of medieval drama. Further details and contact

Salkeld, Duncan.  Reader in Shakespeare Studies, University of Chichester. Research interests: Shakespearean streetlife, Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals, early modern London, the early theatres and inns, voices and conversations in the sixteenth century, Shakespeare and material culture, palaeography, editing. Current projects: associate editor of New Varorium Twelfth Night, and writing Shakespeare and London for OUP. Twitter: @DuncanSalkeld Further details and contact

Schwartz-Leeper, Gavin. Director of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Warwick. Research interests: C16th literary representations of Cardinal Wolsey; authority; social authority in English Drama C14th-C17th; Tudor historiography.  Twitter: @gavins1 Further details and contact

Scoville, Chester N.  Lecturer in English and Drama, University of Toronto Mississauga.  Publications: Saints and the Audience in Middle English Biblical Drama (University of Toronto Press, 2004).  Current Projects: Editions of the Digby plays of the Conversion of Saint Paul and Mary Magdalene. Other Interests: Rhetoric, narratology, modern performance of early English plays. Twitter: @ChesterScoville Contact: chester.scoville@utoronto.ca

Skura, Meredith.  Libby Shearn Moody Professor of English, Rice University.  Research interests: the effects of the cycle plays and other early native drama on Shakespeare and other later sixteenth-century dramatists.  Contactskura@rice.edu

Smith, Helen Frances. I have recently completed my doctorate at the University of Edinburgh with a thesis entitled: ‘Disability, Impairment and Embodied Difference in Late-Medieval Drama: Constructions, Representations and the Spectrum of Signification.’ My research explores how disability, impairment and embodied difference is constructed, represented, and responded to in the play-texts and performances of drama in the late-medieval period. I am currently looking for postdoctoral opportunities working on either medieval drama and/or medieval disability studies Research Interests: I am particularly interested in medieval medical and cultural constructions of physical identities such as age, race, and bodily ability. Contact: helen.f.smith@outlook.com Further details

Stangel, Francisca. Doctoral Researcher, University of Kent. Current Research:  Early and early modern drama. Early modern court drama as a diplomatic tool for negotiating higher Anglo-Scandinavian relationships. Early modern European theatre exchanges and networks. Practice as research: Staging the Play of Adam Contact: F.L.Stangel@kent.ac.uk Twitter: @francisca_ia

Tavares, Elizabeth E. Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Literature, Pacific University Oregon. Current Research: PhD dissertation on “Acts of Imagination: Curating the Early Elizabethan Repertories, 1582-1594” that, in examining the five major playing companies operating before 1594, articulates the major staging devices and political ideologies that would have set them apart for playgoers as well as those strategies they shared in common.  Research Interests: Shakespeare and his contemporaries; playing companies, itinerancy, and early modern theatre economics; Repertory Studies; Original Practices theory and methodology; Shakespeare and/in film; race and environment in theatre history; Ecocriticism; English Renaissance and Restoration literature and culture; Theatre Studies; Digital Humanities research methods and pedagogy. Twitter: @ElizETavares Website: http://www.elizabethetavares.com Further details and contact

Van Pelt, Nadia T. Lecturer in English Literature, University of Leiden. Research Interests: medieval and early modern European drama; performance and ritual; diplomacy and international relations. Recent research: Play-making on the Edge of Reality: Managing Spectator Risk in Early English Drama (PhD thesis, 2014). Current projects: monograph Drama in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe is under contract with Routledge; co-editing the volume Meanings of Time and Self in Early Modern Europe 1500-1800 with Clare Egan. Contact: n.t.van.pelt@hum.leidenuniv.nl

Watkins, Stephen. Lecturer in English Literature, University of Derby.  Research Interests: medieval and early modern drama; theatre history; C17 English and continental scenography; comedy – Shakespeare to Sheridan; early opera, c. 1620-1700; audiences, reception and spectatorship; early modern visual culture; devotion, ritual and ceremony.  Current projects: ‘The Revolutionary Theatres of Sir William Davenant, 1650­-1668’ (Thesis; AHRC-funded); articles on ‘Performance and Theatricality in the 1650s’ and ‘Drama beyond the Playhouse’. Contact: S.Watkins@derby.ac.uk  Twitter: @sdwatk

Watson, Jackie. Assistant Tutor, Birkbeck College, London.  Research Interests: Early modern courtiership and its representation on the contemporary stage; the career of Sir Thomas Overbury; the early modern Inns of Court and their relationship with theatre; linguistic and visual deception; homosocial societies and attitudes to ambition.  Current projects: PhD thesis explores the representation of courtiership and ambition on stage between 1598 and 1613, and the interaction between aspirant courtiers and drama for which they were the audience; also projects emerging from the ‘Renaissance Men in the Middle Temple’ conference in February 2013, and co-editor of The Senses in Early Modern England (Manchester UP, 2015).  Contact: jwatso05@mail.bbk.ac.uk Twitter: @jackiewatson05

Whipday, Emma. Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow, UCL.  Research interests:  domestic tragedy; early modern street literature; Shakespeare; popular representations of the early modern home; closet drama; original practices performance.  Current Project: I recently directed an original practices production of Samuel Daniel’s The Tragedy of Cleopatra in association with the UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges. Recent Research: Shakespeare’s Sister (Samuel French, 2016)  Contactemma.whipday@gmail.com Further details

Williams, William Proctor.  Professor of English Emeritus at Northern Illinois University and Adjunct Professor of English at the University of Akron.  Research interests: Early English drama; physical biography; textual criticism; presentation of texts.  Current Projects: Editions of Edward IV, Parts 1 & 2 and If You Know Not Me, You Know Nobody, Parts 1 & 2 in Volume 1 of The Collected Works of Thomas Heywood, General Editor Grace Ioppolo; to be published by the Oxford University Press.  Edition of Titus Andronicus for Sourcebooks, Inc (2007/2008).  The New Variorum Edition of Titus Andronicus (Modern Language Association of America).  The Works of Cosmo Manuche:  The Loyal Lovers, The Just General, The Bastard, “The Banished Shepherdess,” “Love in Travell,” and “The Feast.”  Critical editions of these seventeenth-century plays from the manuscripts at the Huntington Library, Worcester College (Oxford), and the British Library (formerly at Castle Ashby). Further details and contact

Winston, Jessica. Professor of English at Idaho State University. Research interests: sixteenth-century drama and poetry and the reception of Tudor drama in modern print and performance. Publications: Coeditor Elizabethan Seneca: Three Tragedies (2012) and author Lawyers at Play: Literature, Law, and Politics at the Early Modern Inns of Court, 1558-1581 (Oxford University Press, 2016), which was awarded a 2017 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award from the American Association of Law Libraries. Her current book project focuses on the performance history of Tudor drama from about 1850 to the present. Contact: winsjess@isu.edu Further details

Woolley, Andrew.  Independent researcher. Research interests: the musical role of dancing masters in seventeenth-century English masque and opera, especially their musical repertoire.  More generally my research is concerned with music in Britain c.1650–1750, in particular its international dimensions. Further details and contact

Wright, Clare. Lecturer in Medieval Literature, University of Kent.  Research interests: English drama c.1350-1540; audiences; space and place; embodiment; the senses in medieval culture and performance; kinaesthesia; emotions and affect; lay devotion; iconography; phenomenology and cognitive theory. Contact: C.Wright-468@kent.ac.uk  Twitter: @DrClareWright Further details

Young, Andrea.  Tutor at the University of Liverpool Centre for Continuing Education, and Academic Consultant for the Liverpool Passion Plays. Research interests: Morality plays; East Anglian drama; the figure of Mankind on stage; angels and devils on stage; audience experience; vision; space, place and movement; iconography; material culture in medieval drama; York and Chester mystery cycles; modern passion plays; Shakespeare (esp. late plays and vision); Christopher Marlowe; Ben Jonson; Aphra Behn. Author of Vision and Audience in Medieval Drama: A Study of the Castle of Perseverance (Palgrave, 2015). Contact: andrealouiseyoung@hotmail.com  Twitter: @HumanumGenus