A full day’s activities the theme of Noah’s flood, celebrating the medieval Noah’s Ship play of the Trinity Guild of the Hull Mariners, will be held in Trinity Square in front of the magnificent medieval Holy Trinity church (now Hull Minster) from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. on Saturday 24th June. The centre piece, performed three times during the day, will be a play adapted from surviving medieval texts and directed by Philip Crispin (Hull University Drama Department), using a specially-built Ark stage. The day will also feature productions by community groups reflecting modern interpretations of the story of Noah, and a short talk given by Diana Wyatt (Durham Univeristy, REED N-E project). There will be not only plays but processions, pageantry and fun for all ages; children will be encouraged to ‘become’ the animals who board the Ark.

The day is free of charge; no booking needed – just turn up. Refreshments will be on sale. The talk will be in the Minster, and in the event of bad weather the entire event will also move into the Minster.

For more details click here.


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