The theatre has always been a place to push boundaries and explore the borders of what is accepted in society.  The Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society invites abstracts for the 2020 Leeds International Medieval Congress on “Borders” to be delivered in a session about crossing different types of borders—be they geographic or social—within the context of drama and performance in the medieval and Renaissance periods.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Plays influenced by events or works beyond the borders of the country where they were written
  • Plays that push the boundary of what is considered “medieval”
  • Plays that physically travelled between towns and across borders
  • Plays whose characters cross geographic boundaries
  • The characterisation of “otherness” in drama
  • Gendered boundaries or the defiance of gendered boundaries
  • Textual-material borders, such as marginalia, in dramatic manuscripts
  • Transgressing boundaries in non-dramatic types of medieval performance

We welcome submissions from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to: drama, literature, history, book history, and queer/gender studies.  The IMC welcomes paper proposals submitted in all major European languages, but for the purpose of this session, please submit an abstract in English.

Session Organisers: Jenna McKellips and Matthew Sergi

We invite abstracts of no more than 100 words to be submitted by email by Friday, August 23. Along with submissions, please provide a short CV, email address, telephone number, affiliation, and name/title (e.g. Dr, Mrs, Mr, Mx, etc).  Please direct abstracts and any questions to

Download the CFP here.

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